My Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: Waste Of Money??

You know when you read about those stories where a person fails and fails and fails and is finally ready to give up when they finally succeed on their last attempt?  Well if you don't, now you do—that's me :)  


After years of trying to make money online with varying, but ultimately very little success, I was ready to give up my dream of earning money from home so I could spend more time with my two daughters.  


In fact, it was the sight of them playing in the backyard that made me give it one more chance before I hit the classified and updated my LinkedIn profile to find a “real” job. 


Luckily, a few days later a frat buddy of mine sent me a PM on Facebook and as we chatted, it turned out he was into online home businesses as well.  


As a matter of fact, it turned out that he was very good at it—a lot better than I had ever been even at my best.  I asked him if he could recommend anything to help me be a better online entrepreneur.


Enter The Evergreen Wealth Formula


All he sent me was a simple link to a website where I found a video presentation and nothing else.


I thought this was a little bit odd since there was no other info, but when I asked my friend what the Evergreen Wealth Formula was all about, he simply responded, “Just watch it.”  


I did and man, was I ever glad that I did.  And rather than go into a ton of details, I'm going to give you the same advice he gave me: just watch it.  


But what I will tell you is that what you'll find is a one of a kind system that helps you get your online business up and running as you learn.


This means that by the time you finish the digital video course, your business will be up, running and functional, ready to earn profit the second you finish watching the last video.  


Each video is a step-by-step instructional segment aimed at a different component of having the perfect online business model.  


You learn everything that you need to know, in small, digestible bites.  The creator of the Evergreen Wealth Formula is James Scholes and he's also the star of the videos. 


So I followed The Video Instructions...


What really surprised me about each video is that even though I'd been in the business for a few years, there was still tons of information that I never knew.  


Aspects of the industry that I had thought about one way turned out to be completely different, opening my eyes as to why I'd been failing with all my at-home online businesses.  


The facts were right there before me and let me tell you: I've never come so close to literally kicking myself in my life!


I couldn't believe how easy and quick the Evergreen Wealth Formula made everything.  It was like one, two, three, plug in and go!  In fact, it was a little too easy and I by the end of the videos, I remember thinking, “Wait, that's it?!”  My skepticism lasted exactly 22 hours before my first sale rolled in while I was outside playing with my daughters! 


I remember calling my wife and being so excited she couldn't understand me.  The system actually worked and up to this very day, it continues to work for me without me having to do a thing.


You see, the most beautiful thing about the Evergreen Wealth Formula is that it sets itself up as a residual income stream.  In fact, you can set up as many residual income streams as you like.  


Whatever ideas you have for online home businesses just became a success—as long as you follow the step-by-step instructions given in the Evergreen Wealth Formula. 


How Much Money Can You Make with the Evergreen Wealth Formula? 


So now comes the big question: just how much can you make with the Evergreen Wealth Formula?  Well, on the sixth day alone, I made my first sale using the Evergreen Wealth Formula.


If it didn't happen so quickly, I wouldn't have been as impressed as I was.  I mean, I've made $37 dollars in a day before—but never as quick as I've launched an online business before. 


But over the next few weeks the true power of the Evergreen Wealth Formula became apparent as I started seeing $50 a day roll in.  


Then $100.  Then $250.  Now there are days where I make up to $700 each day.  This happens whether I'm in front of my computer or not.


Why?  Because I simply followed the videos in the Evergreen Wealth Formula and let the successful formula take action. 


You see, by replicating James' exact techniques and strategies, you can replicate his exact success.  


That's what makes the system so powerful—it is designed to help people avoid the common mistakes that online marketers and entrepreneurs make.  


The same mistakes that I had been making for years.  Once I figured out what I was doing wrong by watching the videos, the rest was all cake.  


So as you can imagine, I thoroughly recommend the Evergreen Wealth Formula and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make money online from home or build an online business that kinda runs itself once it's setup.


You can watch the video here to get started.


Thanks for reading.


Will Ledford